What we use (machine)

VSL operates the UK's only mechanical machine. We run a Wagner Champion 2, double row planter. The double row planter enables us to plant the same volume of plants as a single row machine, whilst travelling at a considerably slower speed. This results better quality of plantation, achieved through a more even root distribution in the soil, and a more complete backfill of soil into the planting hole.

The machine is guided by laser, to achieve perfectly, straight parallel vine rows:

Why Machined Vine Planting Must Be Done With Great Care And Skill

Classic ‘J' Rooting.  This vine has failed to establish, as a result of:

  • Roots not being trimmed to length
  • Planting machine being driven too fast
  • Workers not taking time to set depth of plants when placing in the planting machine
  • Workers not taking time to check the depth of plants in the ground, once planted
  • Vines therefore planted too low, with the long roots trailing on along the bottom of the cavity created by the machine. Almost no extra root growth produced in three years.
  • Adventitious roots have been produced further up the rootstock stem - as a reaction by the vine to the decline of the main root system.
  • This could have been avoided by root trimming and control of planting depth.

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